High Quality Hydraulic Valves for Industrial Purposes
Piippo Hydraulic valves are Finnish high quality products for professional use. High quality and reliability are our main principles, appreciated by our customers. The production starts with thorough planning and design always based on the customer’s needs. Modern production techniques (CAD/CAM and CNC) are employed in the process. We also apply ISO 9001:2000 system for quality control.

Piippo Hydraulic valves are manufactured for different purposes and needs of machinery and mechanical engineering industries. Our products are used as parts in e.g. mining, transporting, forest and farming machines. The customers consist of well-known major companies. Metallikoneistamo Piippo Oy was started up in 1986. We concentrate on planning and manufacturing of hydraulic valves.

Our main market area is Finland but we are expanding into other Scandinavian countries. The share of export is about one fourth of the total sales. The reliability of our operations is notified by AAA credibility certificate which is the highest possible category granted by D&B. Our factory is situated in Kiuruvesi, in the middle of Finland.